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Your New PTs

Image of online personal trainer Frankie excersising outside.

I’m Frankie and I am one half of the Fitt AF team

I grew up in Cheltenham and met this crazy Cypriot guy in the first year of primary school.

Alex was still learning English, the teacher introduced us over a game of football and the rest is history… but more about that later.

Growing up I put a lot of my time into playing sports and spent the first part of my career playing rugby whilst Alex got stuck straight into personal training. I played with some great people and trained under some of the best coaches and nutritionists. I think you’d be surprised by the variety this involved. Let’s just say I was doing yoga before it was cool.

I could tell you about ‘how I would have been pro if it wasn’t for my injury’ but instead let’s move onto the hours I spent managing and coaching in a family ran gym.

My focus shifted from being an athlete to bringing out the best in others, more likely over a beer than a bleep test. I learnt a lot about myself playing high level sport but learnt twice as much about my clients through coaching.

As an ex rugby player, lover of sunshine, and someone partial to a corona (the good kind) I am a normal guy like you, just with an abnormal passion to help people take control of their fitness and confidence. I have got pretty damn good at bringing out the best in people.

So what about the crazy Cypriot guy? Well through years of workouts, nights out together, and sharing ideas we now form the FITT AF online coaching team.

When you become a client of ours you are not doing a fitness plan, you are joining a lifetime of friendship, education, and personal coaching that I am 100% confident in.

Image of online fitness coach Alex coaching in a gym.

Half Cypriot, half English and entirely FITT AF.

Hey, I’m Alex, an enthusiastic and caring coach who has a passion for changing peoples lives. I’ve learned over years of professional PT that the best way to help clients achieve the results they deserve isn’t just about exercise education. My focus is on working with people to help them feel confident, motivated and ready to make real progress - both in and out of the gym.

Where did it begin?

Living in Cyprus for 9 years with little English to my name, my parents made a decision to move to England. Scared, excited, going into the unknown, who knew what was on the other side for me. On my first day at school, the teacher dug deep and found out my interest. Football, football and football. I know just the person you will get on with, she said.

The first person I got introduced to was Frankie (the other half of FITT AF). Mad keen on sports and very competitive. We got on like a house on fire from day 1.

My relationship with fitness began from a very young age too. Throughout school, I was swimming competitively 7x a week and playing football twice a week for my local team. Some people might think this is a lot for a kid, but the truth is I loved it. During a period where learning a new language was often frustrating, sports were the one area where my hard work really paid off. Fitness helped me make friendships, stay positive and believe in myself.

From there on out I just kept on going. Under 16’s gym club at the age of 13, you couldn’t keep me away from any form of exercise, even if it was sprinting at Frankie with huge Swiss balls and being told to cool down for 5 mins most sessions.

I started to train properly from the age of 16 and being very passionate I picked up things very fast. On a personal level, this led me to competing in bodybuilding. This was an experience I learned a lot from. But the biggest takeaway for me was a shift in focus.

I wasn’t interested in eating chicken and broccoli and training for hours upon hours every day. Fitness had already helped me achieve so much by this point, including a happy and healthy life. Now I wanted to help other people to do the same.

What started out with helping friends and family with workout plans and nutrition advice developed into a profession. After studying a course in personal training, I picked up my first job as an instructor and learned so much. Not about fitness, but about working with others.

I quickly realised that you can give someone the best plan in the world, but if they can’t apply it then it’s useless. Learning that every client is different and they all require different things was so key.

Thriving in a small gym in Gloucester led me to land my dream job at the time as a personal trainer at the best gym in Gloucestershire. 19 years old fresh on the scene I had some doubts but always believed in myself due the great success I had seen with my clients. Within a few weeks I was up there with the busiest trainers and making a name for myself.

5 years later I’ve accomplished so much more than I ever thought I could. I can proudly say I was a success, but I take just as much pride and excitement from the successes of my clients. I’ve changed hundreds of lives, made many people happy and motivated them to train again.

Now me and Frank are moving onto online training and I’m so thrilled and excited with how things are going. Technology is helping us to help hundreds of people change their lives for the better, but we still pride ourselves on a personal approach.

My clients get results and keep them. How? I make health and fitness part of their lifestyle as opposed to taking over their life. I’m like you. I enjoy nice food and alcohol but also want to look and feel good. This is why so many clients chose us as their trainers, because they can relate to us and we can relate to you.

We will get you results whilst still eating the foods you enjoy. We make training fun as opposed to a chore.

I always say to clients before they start..

I’m ready if you are?

So, are you ready?

The best days of your life are ahead of you and I’m excited to be apart of that.

I’m ready if you are...